Theme Notes

This theme contains a number of customization options that are fairly standard for Tumblr themes. It also includes one peculiarity in order to display titles instead of full posts on your index page. So when you're using it you'll want to keep in mind...

For post types with captions (photo, photoset, video, and audio), the first paragraph of the caption appears as the post title. It'll stay hidden on post pages so you don't need to worry about repetition. So add a title followed by a break before your actual caption. If you're installing this theme on a blog that already has quite a few entries, you might try using Tumblr's mass post editor to add your titles.

To hide these notes, simply unclick the button labeled "Show theme notes" under appearance.


Wisdom of Confucius
It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop."
— Wisdom of Confucius

Passing through Times Square by Mareen Fischinger

My favorite web site

Allison Weiss — Fingers Crossed

An example post