2. adamchovanec-deactivated2017082 asked: Hello, I would like to make this awesome theme a bit more responsive to mobile phones. I tried to look for it, but didn't find anything. On a mobile phone page links look too small. Thank you for your help. :)

    Hi. As this is a free theme, I decided not to include responsive features. When on the ‘edit theme’ page, scroll to the bottom to advance settings. Then check the option to ‘use default mobile theme’. 


  3. Hello fans of Quite Big. I’ve recently create an new tumblr theme which is now available to use for free! It’s full of features such as tags, exif data, social share, like and reblog buttons, search, custom headers and group blog support. 

  5. joannarzepeckaart:

    I made a picture for zin called Mydło

    (Source: turnipot)

  6. Swifty Scooters Film for London Bicycle Film Festival

    Barbican, London